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Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp status is a post which we publish on our Whatsapp account. As this app is very popular now a days, so our youth remains busy in status for whatsapp every time. Similarly, all considerable people including politicians, business men, actors, sportsmen, journalists and social activists are connected with each other by whatsapp groups.

Whatsapp has become so famous due to it’s all free functions. There is no charges for video call as well as Audio. Text and voice messages are also free. People like the facility of free data transfer indeed. You can use it to remain well-informed all time, the only thing you need is Whatsapp status by which you participate in different whatsapp groups. We are providing you a lot of status for whatsapp.

You can find best whatsapp status, funny whatsapp status, love shayari, whatsapp status love, whatsapp status quotes and sad whatsapp status. Simply copy sentences and past in your whatsapp. you will feel proud by using these status.

Whatsapp Status Quotes

Whatsapp Status Quotes

These are Whatsapp Status Quotes which are best in value, so we can say these are best whatsapp status. Every body can use it as latest whatsapp status. These shorts sentences can change your life, if you try to keenly understand the logic of each.

“Good mind, good find, never think negative.”

“There is no rose without a thorn.”

“Save your own and spend an other’s.”

“Better today than tomorrow.”

“Never join bad company, as a man is known by the company he keeps.”

“The face is an index of mind.”

“Open the purse then open the sack.”

“Always remember, who blows in the sky shall fill his own eyes.”

” Out of the fry pan into the fire.”

“It is fact that diamond cuts diamond.”

“Out of sight out of mind.”

“Fair without and foul within.”

“A black man is being called Mr. White in our society.”

“All’s well that ends well.”

“A giant will starve on what will suffice a dwarf.”

“He plucks out the teeth of dog and barks himself.”

“Health is wealth.”

“Fish and guests smell at three days old.”

best whatsapp status

“One scabbard cannot hold two swords.”

“When one door shuts another opens.”

“Cast in the same mould.”

“A ship of the tongue is defaulter of the mind.”

“One past and lots of candidates.”

” Something is better than nothing.”

“The butcher looked for his knife when he had it in his mouth.”

“A penny saved is a penny found.”

“A bad wound heals but a bad name kills.”

“Pride goes before a fall.”

“Man proposes God disposes.”

“A close mouth catch no flies.”

“Casting pearls before the swine.”

“His bread is buttered on both sides.”

“It is hard to live in Rome and fight with the pop.”

“I talk of the chalk and you of the cheese.”

“Always Look before you leap.”

“Charity begins at home.”

” Wise people always think before they speak.”

“Experience is the best teacher.”

“Evil word cuts deeper than the sword.”

“The body at ease the mind at ease.”

“A soft answer turns away the wrath.”

“A sleeping fix catches no prey.”

“The life to be endangered.”

“Never quit effort, while there is life there is hope.”

” It is golden saying that live within your means.”

“Whatever the mind thinketh the tongue speaketh.”

“A lie has no legs to stand upon.”

“Bashfulness is akin to poverty.”

“Cast not dirt into the well that gives you water.”

“Fair is not fair but that will pleaseth.”

love shayari

Love Shayari

When we fell love sentiments for some one, we want to express it in love shayari. We are compiling here Urdu romantic poetry in Roman Urdu, so that you can use it as latest whatsapp status after copying. Use this love shayari collection and make your love story more romantic. This shayari will enhance your love feelings.

Chaman me rang e bahar utra tou me ny daikha
nazar se dil ka ghabar urta tou me ny daikha

me neem shab asman ki wusat ko daikhta tha
zameen pe wo husan zara utra tou me ne daikha

galli ke bahir tamam manzar badal gai
jo saya koo e yar utra tou me ne daikha

ik or darya ka samna tha munir muj ko
me ik darya ke par utra tou me ne daikha


Love Shayari 2

tum jiss khawab me aankhain kholo
uss ka roop amar

tum jiss rang ka kaprra pehno
wo mousam ka rang

tum jiss harf pe ungli rakh dou
wo roshan ho jae

Love Shayari 3

tumhari mast nazar gar idhar nahi hoti
nashe me choor faza iss qadar nahi hoti

tumhi ko daikhne ki dil me arzoo he
tumharay agay hi oonchi nazar nahi hoti

tumharay aanay talak hum ko hosh rehta he
phir iss ke baad hamian kuch khabar nahi hoti

Love Shayari 4

kuch to hawa bi sard thi kuch tha taira khayal bi
dil kw khushi ke sath sath hota raha malal bi

baat wo adhi raat ki, raat wo pooray chand ki
chand bi ain chait ka uss pe taira jamal bi

sub se nazar bacha k wo muj ko kuch aisay daikhta
aik dafa to ruk gai gardash e mah o saal bi

dil tou chamak sakay ga kaya, phir b tarash k daikh lain
sheesha garan e shehar k hath ka ye kamal bi

uss ko na pa sakay thhe jab dil ka ajeeb haal tha
ab jo pallat k daikhye, baat thi kuch mahal bi

mairi talab tha ik shakh, wo jo nahi mila tou phir
haath dua se yoon gira, bool gaya sawal bi

uss k bazoo me aur uss ko hi sochtay rahay
jism ki khwahisho pe thhe rooh k aur jaal bi

shayari whatsapp status

Love Shayari 5

tumain hum yad rkhtay hain
tumhari yad se dil ka nagar abad rakhtay hain

taira mehtab chehra aur gehri jeel si ankhain
tair zulfain, hasee pakain, tair lehja

taira wo khilkhilana
aur kisi bi baat pe hansna

wo phir kuch sochna aur gum sum sa ho jana
khiyalo aur khawabo me humaray sath rehta he

tumhain hum sath rakhtay hain
tumhain hum yad rakhtay hain

tumhari yad se dil ka nagar abad rakhtay hain
kisi k sath chalna ho
kisi se baat karni ho

kisi ka piyar se takna
kisi b phool ka khilna

koi b gheet gatay hon
koi b sher parrtay hon

tumhain hum sath rakhtay hain
tumhain hum yad rakhtay hain

Funny Whatsapp Staus

We can not stay sad every time, so fun is necessary for our daily life. Funny whatsapp status provides us entertainment which is also our mental requirement. This is the reason that why people are so crazy for funny status and share such kind of whatsapp status. We are stating some latest funny whatsapp status for you.

funny whatsapp status

Funny Whatsapp Status 1

Usualy girls say after seeing their friends husband
” mine is more handsome”
On the other hand, Males comment after seeing their friends wives
” he is more luckey than me”

Funny Whatsapp Staus 2

A husband gone to his office after quarreling with his wife.
He called her from office in evening.
” darling, what is in dinner today?”
Wife said “poison”
Husband replies, “you may go to bed after eating, I am late to-night.”

Whatsapp Staus 3

Wife: I am feeling not well
Husband: I was thinking about shopping.
Wife: I was just kidding, we must go for shopping.
Husband: I was also kidding, get up and make bread for me.

Funny Whatsapp Staus 4

Wife to her husband: you were abusing me in sleep?
Husband: you are mistaken.
Wife: what mistake?
Husband: I was not in sleep.

Whatsapp Staus 5

Aik pathan jahaz me safar kar raha tha.
Air hosits ko daikh kar kehta he “tum tou mairi biwi ki tarah dikhta he”
Airhostis: bakwas band karo.
Pathan: kiya baat he, zuban bi milta he.

funny whatsapp status

Funny Whatsapp Staus 6

Child to his father: can we go to meet with Allah by aeroplane?
Father: we cal also go there by our car, if your mother drive it.

Whatsapp Staus 7

Judge to a thief: you should shame on you, you have perform seven moves in week.
Thief: sorry sir, I am not guilty, there are only seven days in a week,
I can steel for eight days, if there are eight days in a week.

Staus 8

Gahik dukandar say kehta he k aaj k baad maira kutta b tumhari dukan per aae tou uss ki izzat karna ho gi.
Dukandar: right sir, kutta bi aee ga tou me smajoon ga, aap aee ho.

Funny Whatsapp Staus 9

Jahaz rani ke sutdent se ustad poochta he: agar sumandar me toofan aa jae to tum jahaz ka kiya karo gay?
Student: me langar dal doon ga.
Ustad: aik or toofan aa jae tou?
student: tou aik or langar dal doon ga.
ustad: phir toofan aa jae tou?
student: phir langar dal doon ga?
ustad: magar tum itnay saray langar lao gay kahan say?
student: jahan se aap itnay saray toofan lao gay.

Sad Whatsapp Status

When love birds failed to get their beloved one, they feel sadness and want to share sad whatsapp status. This kind of whatsapp status is also very popular like love whatsapp staus. You can find here a variety of sad status and publish on your whatsapp wall.

“Do not cry, silence is best way to express your pain”

” More so-called friends mean more sadness, I like to live with myself, so that no body can heart me.”

” I do not show my feeling, smile is to hide my sadness”

sad whatsapp status

” She broken my heart and when I walked away, she did not stop, it is the most painful memory of my life.”

” Life never stop, it is my heart which will stop working after loosing you.”

” You are here and there, everywhere in my thoughts, I am not finding me, I am where?”

” She was not mean, I could not understand, It was her habit to play others.”

” People are alone because they build baseless castles, which are castles of expectations.”

” Expectations causes disillusion, so do not keep expectations with others.”

” People who live for others, remain alive even after their death.”

” Love relationship can not be alive, when we start calculate every thing.”

” Pain of love can destroy you if you feel, it also can change you life, if you learn from it. So it is wise to be practicle in life”

” Break up is not end of life but it may be the start of life.”

” My silence is my story, people who want to know me, they will have to mean it.”

” Nobody can kill me, life is killing me it self but slowly slowly.”

” Her words have set fire inside me and only my tears can rescue it, but I can not cry like losers.”

True love has not happy ending. You can learn this from historical love stories. So be ready to bear the life time pain.

” I feel missing some one in my life, no body can fill her space who had leaved me alone years ago.”

” She was not sincere but greedy one, why my heart is not ready to admit this horrible fact. I am afraid that my heart is also not sincere with me.”

” We both were liars because we are still alive after our break up. We have been claiming that we could not live without each other.”

” She was not mean, it was the irony of time which could not meet us for ever.”

” You can feel my untold words, so why not replying me. I am alone like deserts, come to my dreams, I want to talk you…..”

” O my heart! do your own work, do not interfere in my emotions. I want to live my life, even without my be love who is not with me.”

” I loved him, it was not my mistake. My mistake was to think that he loved me too.”

” All knowing persons are not your friends, but that who can feel your pain.”

Sad Whatsapp Status in Roman Urdu

” Uss ne hansaya tou me hansa, uss ne rolaya tou me roya, wo tarrpa raha he tou me tarrap raha hoon. Ye tou wo hi wo he, phir me kahan hoon.”

” or bi gham hain zamany me mohabbat k siwa.”

” ik chotta sa guna mohabbat ka, zindagi bhar saza dilata he.”

” dou hi gawa thhe mari mohabbat ke, aik waqt jo guzar gya, doosray tum, jo mukar gai.”

” jo log dard ko smajtay hain, wo kabi b dard ka sabab nahi bantay.”

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